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Queue warning VMS

Reduce rear-end collisions with queue warning VMSs

Being hit from behind, a so-called rear-end collision, is the most common road work accident. Our queue warning VMSs form an intelligent traffic system and is used to detect and warn drivers about queues as they form. When a queue forms, the queue warning symbol and a distance indication light up on the panel to increase accessibility and reduce the risk of accidents.

Minimal staff exposure
Unlimited number of queue warning VMSs
Access your systems from any mobile, computer or tablet
Cloud-based system without detectors


This is how it works

Berlex queue warning VMSs are based on real-time vehicle and mobile data and therefore do not need detectors along the road that measure the speed of the vehicles to be able to send the correct information to the signs.

You place your queue warning VMS and then manage the rest from the BerlexConnect app. It allows you to start your system from a safer location instead of lingering on the road. Not having to place detectors saves a lot of work, but above all it minimizes the time you need to stay on the road. You can have an unlimited number of queue warning VMSs and you can have several systems running at the same time.

Start your queue alert system in three easy steps

1. Select system
When the queue warning VMSs are deployed at the road workplace, you take your mobile, tablet or computer and log in to BerlexConnect and select the desired system. In this case "Queue warning and other VMS boards"

2. Define your work area
Enter the map and draw the area you want to monitor and enter the direction of travel.

3. Add your queue warning VMSs
Just add any number of queue warning VMSs and the system is up and running! The system automatically registers all passing vehicles and follows them into the monitored area. When queuing, the position of the last car is sent to the system. Distance from sign to queue is calculated and the sign is lit.

Live view

When the queue warning is online, you can zoom in on your work area and view it in either map view or satellite view. What happens on your devices happens in real life. Click on any device to change settings or add extensions.

Plan using statistics

With the help of the system's statistics, you can learn when the traffic is least or most intense during the day, which facilitates planning and reduces the risks at the road workplace.

 Cloud service BerlexConnect

Our cloud-based service is easily accessible - wherever you are

Whenever you are online, you have access to Berlex¬Connect – from any computer, mobile or tablet. The software is delivered, administered and updated by your browser. BerlexConnect is constantly evolving. New functions are continuously released as software updates and are easily handled in your browser. On our website, in newsletters and social media, we announce when updates are planned and what benefits this means for you as a user.

With the BerlexConnect app, you administrate your connected products and systems remotely as well as operate and update other features. With personal logins, several employees of the same company or depot can help monitoring and manage the operation of units world wide. The app lets you know where your devices are situated, track them in real-time, check the battery level and much more.

Curious to learn more?

If you want even more detailed information – technical specifications, manuals and product sheets – you can find them here. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us if you have questions or need help.

Product Sheet - Queue warning VMS

Manual - Stay tuned, information is coming


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