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Boom barrier for R6

Boom barrier for traffic light R6

To reduce the risk of red light driving and increase safety around road works, traffic routing with traffic lights, guards or pilots can be reinforced with a barrier. Physically preventing vehicle traffic from entering the work area significantly increases the protection of working personnel on the road. Traffic light R6 controls the lowering of the barrier. At a red light, the barrier folds down quickly and folds up again when the traffic light changes to green. The barrier is used together with existing or new traffic lights R6 / R6 +. Note that traffic light and battery are not included.

Boom barrier back side

Sensors detect if a vehicle is under the boom

The barrier has sensors that detect vehicles when lowered. If a vehicle should be in the wrong place, the barrier folds up again and waits for about 5 seconds before starting a new folding. The barrier has a red stop light that is activated during felling.


With boom barrier you get:

automatic, fast-lowering boom barrier 

traffic light R6 controls the folding up and down of the barrier

the battery is hidden inside the base and the cables are concealed inside the pole

the traffic light and the barrier run on the same battery

the barrier has sensors that detect vehicles when lowered

Manage your barrier and traffic lights from BerlexConnect


How to build a STABIL base unit

The lowest base are hollow so you can hide the battery. The STABIL base unit is equipped with lifting loops if you want to crane out a finished unit, but it can just as well be picked up or apart if you are out working alone.


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Curious to learn more?

If you want even more detailed information – technical specifications, manuals and product sheets – you can find them here. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us if you have questions or need help.

Product sheet - Boom barrier

Manual - stay tuned, information is coming


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