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Cloud based traffic signal R6+

 A new generation of cloud based portable traffic signals

R6+ combined with Berlex Connect is the new generation of portable traffic signals. Cloud-based service Berlex Connect provides a clear overview of your traffic signals and makes your everyday lite simpler. R6+ and Berlex Connect also increases user safety as the time the installer needs to spend in a dangerous traffic situation is minimised. 

 The R6 traffic signal has several features that make it easy to use

  • Supports 2G, 3G and 4G
  • Full control world wide using cloud based platform
  • Dual sim card slots
  • Shuttle working or/and Multiphase
  • Status notifications via mail and text message
  • Up to 200 days on battery with solar panel


Monitor your R6+ signals via PC, tablet or smartphone

All of the settings and signal monitoring takes place via your smart­phone, PC or tablet, leaving you to simply install the traffic signals, activate them via your PC or device in one click, and you're done. It couldn't be simpler!


Always connected, always updated 

As long as you are connected to the internet, you can check where the traffic signals are, their operating and battery status, etc., from wherever you are in the world, whether you have a shuttle system or a multiphase system. R6 and BerlexConnect are constantly adding new functions, such as software updates, which are available to you online. This means that you will never need to take your traffic signals for maintenance updates. 


What is optimal for your project?

R6+ has a varity of solutions. Shuttle- or Multiphase system, unlimited number of phases and duplicates. 


R6+ in self driving vehicles test

We tested whether our cloud-controlled traffic signal R6 could make self-driving vehicles understand traffic lights and read traffic. The project was very successful and the vehicle adapted its driving according to the traffic signal light image. The test was carried out with T-engineering, an affiliate of one of China's largest vehicle manufacturers, Dongfeng Motor, which designs and develops control systems for the automotive industry and has launched its first autonomous prototype vehicle in Sweden.