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Technical data

Technical specification - R6 portable traffic light

Height:980 mm
Width:300 mm
Dept:160 mm
Weight:10 kg
Fitting:60 mm Ø pipes
Carrying handle:Yes
Runtime battery:1x100Ah: 10-14 days
2x100Ah: 20-25 days
Runtime solar power*:1x100Ah +50W: 180 days
2x100Ah + 160W: 240 days
Voltage: 12V
Battery exchange:No interruption. Internal battery take over when battery is exchanged. 
Distance: Unlimited, terrain independent
Modes:VA/Radar, Fixed time, manual control, (flashing amber for some markets)
Communication:Mobile network 2G/3G
Control unit:2-phase system: local control from display on each unit back
Service:The complete signal head has no moving parts that need servicing
Software:is upgraded online

 *Measurement values in Gothenburg february to november, with 100Ah batteries. Values may vary due to different weather conditions.

Clear and simple display 

A clear and simple display showing signal status, battery voltage and signal strength.
It also showing the distance between signals and green time requirement (vehicle detection).


BerlexConnect – cloud service

BerlexConnect cloud service allows you to take control of all your signals via your smartphone, tablet or PC.
 Functions:ON/OFF, time settings, system settings, alarms, demand for green time
 Supervision:Shows actual phase on each signal, battery level, angel, position, radar detection, signal strength, demand for green time
 Alarm notification: Via e-mail
Alarms:Low battery, red lamp failure, green lamp failure, communication lost, internal electronic failure, angle failure, crash alarm, change in position during run time
Log:Stored for the last 48 hours